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Max 2001 3-Point and Trailer Vineyard Dusters
"The Ultimate Green Machine"


Featuring an all new stainless steel rotary hopper design.


Max 2001 3-Point Vineyard Duster



  • Hopper capacity: 300lbs
  • Impeller: aluminum precision balanced
  • 2-speed gear box: 2,000rpm(low)  2,400rpm(high)                                                                          
  • Air velocity: 150-180mph
  • Hitch: 3 point Cat 1 & 2 pins
  • Duster width, outlet to outlet (adjustable): 65"
  • NAPA narrow row outlets: 51"
  • Height: 48"
  • Length: 48"
  • Weight: 525"

Max 2001 Trailer


  • Hopper capacity: 300lbs
  • Storage box: 800lbs
  • Impeller: aluminum precision balanced
  • 2-speed gear box: 2,000rpm(low)                                                                                 2,400rpm(high)
  • Air velocity: 150-180mph
  • Hitch: drop pin
  • Tire size: 7.60x15
  • Hub capacity (with torsion axle) 3500lbs
  • Hub-to-hub width: 57"
  • Duster width, outlet to outlet (adjustable): 65"
  • Ground clearance: 12"
  • Height: 63"
  • Length: 111"
  • Weight: 1,225lbs


The most reliable, efficient, and trouble free sulfur machine ever.


  • Dependable PTO drive, 540 rpm operating speed

  • Heavy duty 2 speed gear box with neutral position

  • High speed "Aluminum" precision balanced rotary impeller, air velocity of 150-180 MPH@ 2000-2400 RMP respectively

  • Positive feed horizontal auger

  • Hydraulic flo-control valve controls auger to regulate volume of dust

  • A two position hydraulic valve directs the hopper rotation, for convenient dust mixing and application

  • One 1/4 turn valve directs open or closed, tractor hydraulic systems

  • Independent adjustable opposed outlets direct dust into the target area

  • Optional narrow row-over head trellis available

  • Heavy duty rectangular construction ensures durability

  • Trouble free application with minimum maintenance

  • Dust does not come in contact with the impeller, but mixes with the air in the induction tunnel.


          The D&M Max 2001 3-point and trailer vineyard dusters employ the same components. A uniquely designed air induction system assists with positive feed horizontal auger. A "venturi" effect is created at the auger chute, allowing the sulfur to be drawn effectively through the chute and into the induction tunnel. There the sulfur mixes evenly with the air flow. A hydraulic motor supplied by the tractors hydraulic system drives the auger and rotating hopper. As the hopper turns, sulfur is picked up effectively by a series of shovels which supplies a constant uninterrupted amount of sulfur to the auger trough. A flo-control valve regulates the auger speed, thus the volume of sulfur required. A two position hydraulic valve can reverse to hopper rotation, offering convenient dust mixtures. This system is simple yet extremely efficient and has proven to be very reliable in field use.

Compare the advantages!

The Max 2001 was developed to eliminate all of the many problems to associated with dispensing sulfur. The D&M Max 2001 is without exception the finest sulfur machine that has been developed. In addition it is the only duster that can effectively apply sulfur and will convenient mix dust combinations. One of the main problems associated with other dusters is that they utilize the fan to directly propel the sulfur. This causes the sulfur to build up on the fan, causing an out of balance condition. That means down time cleaning the fan. If the fan is not free of sulfur buildup, you are looking at costly repairs to the gear train. With D&M max 2001 there is no sulfur buildup on the fan, because the sulfur never comes in contact with the fan, rather the sulfur is introduced evenly into the high velocity air flow.

Compare the advantage that the max 2001 offers.

The Max 2001 is another reason D&M vineyard dusters have earned there deserved reputation,
"First choice of the grape growing industry."



All New
Cannon Vineyard Sprayer


The All New Cannon Vineyard Sprayer is the answer to a growing need. This new innovative sprayer was specifically designed to treat overhead trellis vineyards.

The D&M Cannon Vineyard Sprayer is a unique configuration of air tunnels that capture the produced air flow and effectively directs the spray towards the targeted areas of trellising system. Conventional air sprayers have proven to be less then desirable as they will penetrate the vine canopy, it does so with out targeted control and must be driven every row to be effective. The new D&M cannon being fully adjustable offers application to a wide variety of trellising systems, allowing application to only every other row.

Plus being more efficient, the cannon is more time and energy effective.

The total answer to over head trellis application.