Tow and Tote Master Dusters


        This was the first new improvement in sulfur dusters to be developed in over 25 years. It has proven to be a very reliable and efficient duster. The Tote Master 3-point duster has over the past 7 years become the leader in the sulfur dusting field. This unique design revolutionized the very difficult task of applying dusting sulfur and will offer years of outstanding application performance.


Tote Master, 3 Point



  • Hopper capacity: 300lbs
  • Impeller: steel plus precision balanced
  • 2-speed gear box: 2,000 rpm (low)
  • 2,400 rpm (high)
  • Air velocity: 150-180 mph
  • Hitch: 3 point Cat. 1 & 2 pins
  • Duster width outlet to outlet (adjustable): 65"
  • Height: 48"
  • Length: 48"
  • Weight: 440lbs

Tow Master


  • Hopper captivity:400
  • Storage box: 800lbs
  • Impeller: "steel plus" precision balanced
  • 2-speed gear box: 2,000 rpm(low)
  • 2,400rpm(high)
  • Air velocity:150-180 mph
  • Hitch: drop pin
  • Tire size: 7.60 x 15
  • Hub capacity (with torsion axle) : 3,500 lbs
  • Hub-to-hub width:57"
  • Duster width outlet to outlet(adjustable): 65"
  • Ground clearance: 12"
  • Height:63"
  • Length:111"
  • Weight: 1,154lbs



  • Dependable PTO drive, 540nrpm operating speed
  • Heavy duty 2-speed gear box with neutral position
  • High speed "steel plus" precision balanced rotary impeller, air velocity of 150plus mph@ 2000-2400 rpm
  • Positive feed horizontal auger with mechanical hopper agitator
  • Hydraulic Flo-control valve controls auger speed to regulate volume of dust and drives mechanical agitator. One 1/4 turn valve directs open or closed hydraulic system
  • Independent adjustable opposed outlet heads direct dust to the target area. Optimal narrow row- over head trellis outlets available
  • Heavy duty rectangular tube construction ensures durability
  • Trouble-free application with minimum maintainance
  • No belts, no sulfur build up on fan
  • Dust does not come in contact with impeller, but mixes with the air in the induction tunnel



The D&M Tow and Tote Master Vineyard Dusters employ the same general components. A uniquely designed air induction system assists with positive feed horizontal auger. A "venturi" effect is created at the auger chute, allowing the sulfur the be drawn effectively through the chute and into the induction tunnel. There the sulfur mixes evenly with the air flow. The auger is driven by a hydraulic motor supplied from the tractors hydraulic system. A flo-control valve regulates the auger speed, thus regulating the required volume of sulfur. This system is simple yet extremely efficient and has proven to be very reliable in field use.


Compare the advantages!

D&M vineyard dusters keep the grower on the sulfuring schedule. One of the main problems associated with other dusters is that they utilize the fan to directly propel the sulfur. This causes the sulfur to build up on the fan. Which in turn causes an out of balance condition. That means down time cleaning the fan. If the fan is not free of sulfur build up then you are looking at costly repairs to the gear train. With D&M dusters the sulfur never comes in contact with the fan, rather the sulfur is introduced evenly to the high velocity air flow produced by its rotary impeller. Eliminating down time, costly repairs and scheduling delays. In addition the outlets can be adjusted in minutes to all trellising and row spacing including narrow row and innovative V-trellis systems. Allowing the sulfur to be directed at the target branch line. A prime feature that the growers prefer in the D&M duster is the feeding calibration. The D&M duster at no time restricts the sulfur flow with metering gates, which always has the tendency to bridge or plug, giving you hot spots and a puffing effect. But is designed to adjust the amount of sulfur with the hydraulic flow control along with the tractor ground speed. The D&M duster is simple in design, yet extremely efficient in years of field proven application. Just another reason why D&M duster have earned the deserved reputation "First choice of grape growing industry."